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New Forest For Ukraine (NFFU)

Having already donated £1,000 to the Wessex Rotary Ukraine Appeal, Becton Rotary is proud to support New Forest For Ukraine, and you can read about Becton Rotary's latest efforts here on our News page.

New Forest For Ukraine is a group of community volunteers committed to help the people of Ukraine by collecting and transporting a range of desperately-needed items to hubs in Poland and Ukraine.

NFFU Medical Aid

Volunteers are urgently wanted to help NFFU with cutting rolled bandages and triangular bandages from clean cotton duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, tea-towels etc.

Full instructions produced by NFFU for cutting out rolled bandages and triangular bandages can be downloaded either from the NFFU website or by clicking on the icons opposite.

NFFU are currently operating out of an industrial unit at Ampress Park and you can see their location on a plan of Ampress Park as well as a street view of their offices, by clicking on the icons opposite.

If you would like to help, please email NFFU for further details.

Non-Becton Rotarians should please email the Becton Rotary Secretary who will arrange for Rotary volunteer attendances to be co-ordinated with NFFU.