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We normally meet (currently online) once or twice a month subject to the demands of the projects we have in hand.

Normally outside term time, we are involved in an environmental project with local schools, to provide and build Eco-Greenhouses using recycled plastic bottles (top right) and encourage the next generation of gardeners and growers (middle right).

We recently completed a Sensory Garden Trail for a local school (bottom right) which is intended to bring various benefits to pupils, staff and the wider community.

A major ongoing activity is (in normal times) the administration of a Holiday Bungalow on a local Holiday Park that is used to provide families who would otherwise be unable to do so, with the opportunity of enjoying a free one-week holiday.

A very important local project is our support of the New Forest Basics Bank both with donations from the sale of masks made by the Sewing Group, and on-going help by making regular deliveries of food donated by Waitrose customers to the New Forest Basics Bank in Cannon Street East Car Park, Lymington.

Becton Rotary has also embarked on a project to reduce the number of plastic carrier bags used for deliveries by helping New Forest Basics Bank to increasingly use bags made from recycled fabric which can be returned, Covid-quarantined and re-used in order to reduce the number of single-use plastic carrier bags being distributed each week.

We also support Oakhaven Hospice with donations arising from various projects we have helped with.

Membership of a Rotary Club provides you with opportunities to participate in activities such as these, as well as social events and low intensity sports to ensure that fun and fellowship remain an integral part of our Rotary lives. If you share these values and want to know more about what we do, you are most welcome to contact us and hopefully visit us when conditions allow.