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Rotary International is an organisation of approximately 1.2 million members dispersed across 200 countries whose mission is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. Becton Rotary Club is proud to be a member club of this wonderful organisation and seeks to continue to bring Rotary values to the town of New Milton and its surrounding areas.

We are a recently formed club taking advantage of new operating protocols approved by Rotary International. These protocols enable clubs to offer an-


Reduced cost

Work and Family Friendly

way of achieving our core value of Service Above Self when serving our local, national and international communities. We meet in local venues once or twice a month subject to the demands of the projects we have in hand. Our current major ongoing projects are the administration of a holiday bungalow on a local Holiday Park that is used to provide needy families with the opportunity of enjoying a free one week holiday;  and secondly an environmental project, in conjunction with local schools, to provide and build Eco-Greenhouses using recycled plastic bottles.

Recognising that the work side of projects is important it is also a fact that work needs to have a fun and social element if it is to be sustainable. Membership of a Rotary Club provides you with opportunities to participate in activities such as social events and low level sports to ensure that fun and fellowship remain an integral part of our Rotary lives.

If you share these values or want to know more about what we do we welcome you to contact us and hopefully visit us. Communities value the service of a Rotary Club and clubs need volunteers to maintain the level of service we provide. Could this be you?.